No free source allowed!!! OK, what else is new?

I guess that by now you already heard, read or any way else got to know about the weird terms Microsoft puts in front of application developers for Windows Phone. if not, read about it at Jan Wildeboer.

Here is the highlight: Microsoft says no to open source licenses or programs based on libraries that are under open source licenses. and they even mentioned GPLv3 as an example.

Well, my first move reading this was to share it with friends and use the old mantra “Microsoft is evil…”, at second thought, they may be, but what exactly are we doing to stop feeding them?

All we do is cry and weep how Microsoft behaves, how they corrupted the regular users with dummy interfaces, and flashy processor eating applications, yeah, they did, so what, they are a business after all, they have to feed their children, right?

So instead of complaining how M$ is trying to push away Open Source, and how Apple is going in their way and vice versa, lets make some better Linux Distributions for Dummies, some greater User Interfaces that people can do things also without a command line, cause using “ls -l” is cool for me, but my dad just wants to read his damn email and some news.

Lets not make it worth for cellphone companies to use Windows as an OS, lets not make it worth for M$ to disallow Open Source applications.